@truckfreak This is now biblical canon. A room full of poop and dirt washed off skeletons.

@truckfreak I think there’s a processing area since all the skeletons of the saved are gonna fly of the ground and be reanimated at the same time. The poop stays in the resurrection chamber.

Sent a link to Two Trucks on the work Slack before noon, guess I'm already done for the day

Thinking back to my trip to Korea a few years ago and remembering my favorite person was this guy that stopped me on the street and with all of his 20-years-ago-high-school-English mustered the sentence "you...are...very...fat!" and I grabbed my stomach and laughed and he laughed and then we went our separate ways.

Ginger Ale 

A ginger ale sounds good right now

@geesehoward your side toots of threads I have no awareness of give me strength

Making my fortune with the 66% keyboard, a 65% keyboard with separate escape/~ keys

@geesehoward got my middle of the night sleeping chair I move to after everyone goes to bed

Getting old is neat in that staying out at the neighbor's house until 11:00 and splitting a bottle of wine results in spectacular tummy troubles and exhaustion the next day

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